3-Part Free Video Training Reveals:

How ANYONE Can Start To Become An Impactful & Paid Coach & Get Their First 5 Paid Clients

(All While Still Working In The 9-5!)

In This Free Video Series, Discover:

How to secure your first clients alongside your 9-5:

I’ll reveal the path to growing your following and getting paid to teach right out of the gate.

How it’s possible to be paid to be YOU:

You’ll uncover how to start to build a coaching business that aligns with your own life purpose.

Proven tips to hit the ground running:

You’ll learn the tried and tested strategies my students and I use every day.

Mindset shifts from the 9-5 to entrepreneur:

You’ll walk away feeling 100% confident in your own ability to succeed in business.


About Your Host

Hi! I’m Kelly J.

I’m a 7-figure peak performance coach, life coach, and business teacher.

I teach already-high-earning entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 CEOs how to grow their businesses, reach more customers, and make even more money...

But, I also show them how to maintain a rich and fulfilling personal life (I believe nobody can experience true joy when money is their only focus.)

In 2022, I had my first “$100,000.00 day” as a coach.

I’ve created a business where money flows toward
by showing others how to attract money toward
them. But, these blessings aren’t just for 8-figure CEOs and high-flying entrepreneurs…I also show TOTAL BEGINNERS you how to do the same thing.

In fact, the single most important lesson you can take from what you’re reading right now…is that I haven’t done anything you can’t do yourself.

Who Is This Training Truly For?

This free training is tailor-made for YOU if you’ve always had an interest in coaching…

…but never knew if you had what it takes OR where to even begin to build your own business.

The 3-part series will give you an honest, valuable insight into what you need to actually start, and grow a coaching business.

AND how it’s possible to do so alongside still working in the 9-5.

Ultimately: I believe 100% that if you have a skill in ANY area, then there are countless people on this Earth who will pay you to teach them that skill.

And when you fully embody this principle - you WILL achieve financial freedom (and a lot more!)

That’s true for you if you:

Have gone through a life experience- Such as a divorce, death of a loved one, raising a stable family etc...

Have a talent or skill- Maybe you can roller skate, have an excellent eye for interior design, or can bake a mean cake!

Or have a 9-5- Maybe you’ve spent years as a financial planner, sales advisor, hairdresser, or makeup artist…

The only thing stopping you from monetizing your talent and abilities are the unhelpful things you’ve been conditioned to believe.

This is what separates me from other coaches you’ll find all over the internet.

2 students can be given the same information and get dramatically different results depending on how they feel about themselves, others, and the world in general.

So, I don’t just teach you the “3 steps to becoming a coach.”

You can find that ANYWHERE online in 2023.

Instead, I’ll show you how to become the type of person who can take those 3 steps and turn them into